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featuring the exclusive DuraPAJ method

Unique.  Beautiful.  Durable.


   Here are installations from our DIY Contest winners as well as quotes from DIYers everywhere!

   From beautiful looks like hardwoods, to sparkling color, to tile effects, it's all possible.  Just use

   your imagination!

HOWARD in Maryland:

"Thanks for the excellent quality DVDs and technical support for my DIY projects"

VINNIE in Indiana:
"I think I looked at every site out there...then I came across your site. I LOVE your videos & really
appreciate you sharing your technique."

AUDREY, in Alabama:
"I received my order late yesterday afternoon and I appreciate how detailed you were in the videos.
I will ordering more!"

PAT, in Washington:
"Amazing techniques. The videos are fun to watch and make you really want to do what they teach
because they look so simple. I don't consider myself an artist but the way Lisa shows how to color
and apply the paper, I know I can do this."

SANDY, in Texas:
"I was able to do my floor a little at a time. There was no panic to finish all at once since the materials
are simple and was easy and quick to start and stop. Can't believe how light and sophisticated my
living room looks now."

GAIL, in Indiana:
"I first attempted to do a floor after watching a few YouTube videos. Boy, that was not a good idea!
After purchasing your (BASICS) video and paper, I realized all the mistakes I made the first time
and now I have a great looking floor that no one believes I did myself! I'm only getting started now!!"
KAYE, in Ohio:
"It's very well done. I really appreciate the amount of detail in the instructions."

ALICE, in Colorado:
"I received the six new DVDs yesterday, I am so excited to try the techniques! The Cement how-to was
just what I needed, too - my subflooring is very rough. The how-to tips for coloring techniques got my
mind reeling with possibilities!"

MARGIE, in Texas:
"I've practiced on a closet floor - it looks fantastic. Now I'm on to a bigger project!"