(formerly Decoupage Floors)

featuring the exclusive DuraPAJ method

Unique.  Beautiful.  Durable.

You've got questions, we've got answers!

If the main component of a decoupage surface is paper, how could that be durable?

     The paper becomes an integral part of the surface when combined with the adhesive and sealer.  It's no

     longer a separate entity.

If I damage the floor, can it be repaired?

     Yes.  Any dings or scratches can be filled, covered or recoated, depending on the damage.  This

     is a very quick process but we recommend pads on furniture legs and frequent cleaning to keep

     your floor looking great for years to come so no repairs are needed.

Is this floor slippery like tile?

     No.  The paper actually gives your foot a feeling of "traction" even though it is a smooth surface.  If

     you wanted extra traction, we can apply microbeads on the surface for a total non-skid approach.