(formerly Decoupage Floors)

featuring the exclusive DuraPAJ method

Unique.  Beautiful.  Durable.

                    maintaining your decoupage surface

   During the first 24 hours after installation, the floor is very tender.  Easy does it!  Sock feet or

   bare feet only for the first day or so.  No big dogs on the floor for at least 48 hours.  A little longer

   is even better.  The surface is still curing for 7 - 10 days although it will appear hard.  If you must

   put any furniture back within the first 24 hours, use a dolly, floor pads, etc... and don't shove

   heavy items across the floor.


   Vacuum or sweep often.  Clean your floor with a damp mop or steamer.  Use felt pads

   or rubber cups on all legs of furniture.  Clean up any liquid or food spills as soon as possible.

   We recommend a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water for cleaning up pet urine.  Use a mat or

   area rug where you are using office-type chairs.  (newer chairs now have rubber balls for

   casters which eliminate the need for a rug or mat)


   Use any cleaning product for your floor that is oil-based.  Area rugs can't go down for about

   10 days while the floor cures. 

   PLEASE NOTE:  Any area rug may discolor a floor over time by transferring colors or

   dyes onto the urethane-based sealer.  (This is true for real hardwood floors as well.) 

   The sun may discolor your floor over time, just as it does to other flooring products. 

   Angle your blinds or curtains to allow light in but minimize time it shines directly onto the floor. 

   If you experience flooding over your decoupage floor, here's what to do: 

   Remove standing water as soon as possible, then allow surface to air dry using fans.  Most

   people have little or no permanent damage to their floor. 

   For other situations not mentioned, feel free to send us a message through our CONTACT US

   page.or call us at 214-906-7677 for immediate information.